FAQ – Our most frequently asked questions regarding secure storage of caravans, motorhomes and trailers.  Quickly scan through our list of FAQs to see if your question has already been answered here, but if not, get in touch, we’re here to help!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Secure Storage of Caravans, Motorhomes & Trailers
FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Secure Storage of Caravans, Motorhomes & Trailers

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions


Site Access Hours for Caravan & Motor Home Storage etc – NECS – CramlingtonRegarding access to the site, you come and go from storage whenever you want as many times as you want 7 days per week, between the hours 7am to 7 pm, which extends to 8 pm during the summer months July, August and September.Current Caravan / Motor Home Etc Storage PricesAll rentals are charged an additional one off £50 deposit for keys or fobs as required when they are issued. This is refunded once the rental period ends and when the keys / fobs are returned.Up to  8.1 Metres –  Towing Hitch / Front of Item  –  to Rear Including All attachments).12 Months £3996 Months   £2403 Months   £1401 Month     £50Greater than 8.1 Metres please provide full description and sizes for pricing.Amount applicable has to be paid fully in advance.Payment has to be made in advance of the commencement date, quoting your name as reference.  Pitches cannot be retained until payment has been received.A small amount of paper work has to be signed and completed should you want to go ahead with the storage of your item.We also need copies of two other documents as well, one for proof of identity such as a copy of your passport or drivers license, and a copy of a utility bill for your address no older than three months old.

Address for Site 

1a Atley WayNorth Nelson Industrial EstateCramlingtonNE23 1WP

Self Storage ContainersWe also do Self Storage in containers for residential and business users for house moves or additional storage needs etc.  If you would also like information on this please advise and we will get these to you as soon as possible.See our Self Storage  website https://northeastcontainerstorage.com/

Terms and Conditions

North East Caravan Storage Site Cramlington

Atley Way, North Nelson Industrial Estate, Cramlington NE23 1WP

Terms and conditions (T&C’s) for storage of touring caravans, motor homes, campervans, trailers, other vehicles & items.

  • I / We hereby agree as the storage renter with an item to store, to the following North East Caravan Storage (trading name of GTIS Europe Limited) T&C’s relating to the storage of a Caravan, Motor Home, Campervan, Trailer, other vehicles and items.
  • Storage item owners and their immediate family have right of access onto the site. No other persons or agents are permitted on site without the express permission of the management of NECS.
  • Storage item owners must strictly adhere to the rules of the ‘Highway Code’ and provide the necessary care and diligence to pedestrians, vehicles, other stored items and site fixtures and fittings. A maximum speed limit of 5 mph on the site is imposed and applies to all on site traffic without exception.
  • Storage item owners shall be responsible for the ‘Correct parking & Alignment’ of their stored item within the confines of their allotted storage parking space, unless indicated otherwise by the management of NECS. The area and markings of the area of the allotted storage space should not be adjusted, amended or tampered with by the storage item owner.
  • Owners of the stored item are responsible for ensuring their Touring Caravan, Motor Home, Campervan, Trailer, other Vehicle or Items is safe, secure and watertight. NECS requires all owners, to have at least one or more types of anti-theft device fitted such as a; Wheel Clamp, Hitch Lock, additional door security or Electronic Intruder Alarm.
  • Storage item owners shall ensure where applicable all gas supplies are fully turned off and regulators disconnected whilst their Touring Caravan, Motor Home, Campervan, or any other such stored vehicle is on the storage site. Items stored within the main stored item must in addition have any fuel tanks fully vented and drained. It is not permitted at any time to store Poisonous, Noxious, Dangerous, Hazardous, Inflammable and/ or Explosive goods at any time on site or within a stored item.
  • Storage item owners are ‘Totally and Strictly Forbidden’ to employ or invite ANY ‘Third Party’ repair / service operatives to carry out work on their Touring Caravan, Motor Home, Campervan, Trailer or any other item on the storage site, unless given ‘Prior’ permission in writing by the management of NECS. No maintenance or repair work on a stored item can be undertaken on site, except in the case of enabling the removal of the item from the site to a repair shop or location, and only then with the prior permission of the management of NECS.
  • Storage item owners are responsible to remove ALL personal litter and other foreign materials/ debris from the site that they have caused or initiated knowingly or otherwise; this includes removal of waste generated by any person invited or allowed on the site by the storage user, including any animals such as dogs etc. Refuse bins located on the site are for NECS business purposes only and are not to be used by the owner of a stored item.
  • Storage item owners are ‘Strictly Forbidden’ to undertake ‘Trading’ of ANY kind; this includes viewings of their Touring Caravan, Motor Home, Campervan, Trailer or any other stored vehicle / item that they may have for sale. Viewings must be undertaken offsite, to ensure the sites integrity and security for other items stored on the site.
  • Storage item owners must have in place and maintain a ‘Suitable Level’ of insurance at all times for all items they have stored on site and any vehicle they bring onto the site. A suitable level must as a minimum suit the storage owners own prescribed needs for their Touring Caravan, Motor Home, Campervan, trailer etc. It should include cover as a minimum for any Loss, Theft, and Damage including Contents thereof whist on the storage site to their own item and any damage to other stored items on site, or the sites fixtures, fittings and infrastructure caused by their stored item(s), vehicles brought on site or their actions.
  • Storage item owners, agents or their visitors to the site shall not and cannot hold NECS liable for any Loss, Theft, and Damage for the stored item and its contents, whatever the description of the loss, howsoever caused. NECS will NOT be held under any obligation to take steps whatsoever to protect the storage owners Touring Caravan, Motor Home, Campervan, Trailer and/ or any other stored item whilst it is on or stored on the site.
  • Storage item owners MUST NOT ‘inhabit’ their Touring Caravan, Motor Home, Campervan, Trailer or any other stored item whilst on or stored on the site.
  • Storage item owners requiring access outside the site opening hours, MUST make prior arrangement with the management of NECS during normal site opening hours, and are liable for an out of hours fee of £50. In the event of an emergency or other special extenuating circumstances, storage owners should contact the site management or security by email, or by the telephone numbers provided, to confirm access.
  • Storage item owners who wish to cancel their storage agreement must give no less than four weeks advance notification to the management of NECS in writing or by email in order to maintain availability of the sites storage areas. All items stored must be removed and the pitch made good and clean before noon on the last day of the agreement.
  • Storage owners will not be entitled or receive ANY ‘Refunds’ from NECS for early cancellation of site storage pitches. Site storage pitches are none transferable, ‘Refunds’ will also NOT be given due to any change of site storage pitch rental ownership.
  • It is anticipated Storage item owners will receive a ‘Storage Renewal Notification’, generally within 1 to 4 weeks prior to the expiry date of the allotted site storage space agreement. However failure to receive such a notification will not give rise to any claim for the automatic renewal rights of a pitch for their Touring Caravan, Motor Home, Campervan, Trailer and/ or any other stored item.
  • Storage item owners are taken to be notified and be aware that if the allocated site storage pitch is empty after seven (7) days of the renewal date and the applicable fees at the time are not paid, the claim to any associated allocated storage pitch will cease to exist and their rights to access the site will be revoked.
  • It is the responsibility to ensure the management of NECS are provided with full contact details of the owner of the item stored. As a minimum this should include, Name, UK Correspondence Address, UK Mobile number and email address, a copy of a valid Passport or Driving licence. The NECS management must be immediately informed of any changes to these details.
  • The site is open twelve (12) months of the year, 7 am to 7 pm Winter, Spring & Autumn, and 7am to 8 pm Summer, excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. Owners who require access during the excluded hours / shut days must provide details of themselves, departure and return dates, and times etc at least four weeks in advance, and pay an access fee of that is in force at the time for access. This is currently £50 for each per out of hours access request.
  • Site access / open times 7 am to 7 pm Winter, Spring & Autumn, and 7am to 8 pm Summer, excluding Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.



  1. Never enter or leave the site without using your fob at the entry / exit points on the site. Failure to do so will render the use of your fob invalid / deactivated and require management intervention to re-enable it to stop the block, and will incur an administration charge of £10 payable in advance.
  2. Do not allow anyone to tailgate behind you.  Before moving away from the gate or barriers ensure they are completely shut behind you and no one has followed you onto or off the site.  This is for your and everyone else’s security and security of all items on the site.
  3. You are solely responsible to ensure the gates have closed completely and no one else has entered, during the operational cycle of the gates during the activation period initiated by the use of your fob.  There’s no exception to this requirement.
  4. Never tail gate coming onto or leaving the site – if you do – you will cease being a client with immediate effect and no refunds given.
  5. Under no circumstances should the operation of the gates be tampered with.  If there is any operational issue contact must be made in the first instant to the sites management.
  6. The gates and its infrastructure should not be touched other than the presenting of your fob to the entry and exit fob readers. You accept and note that your use of the system is being recorded by CCTV, and all entry and exits are recorded in the onsite security system database.
  7. Your fob should not be given or used by anyone else other than those noted on the storage agreement.  Any further approval of access rights for an existing agreement should be provided to site management 7 days in advance, including photo proof identity documentation such as driving licence or passport.   Site management will then solely make the decision if this request is acceptable.
  8. The loss and / or none return of the fob will result in the deposit being lost. Replacement fobs will incur a cost of £50.
  9. Any additional fobs requested will require a further £50 deposit per fob, without exception.
  10. The gates are set to not respond to your fob outside of the sites noted operational hours.  Please do not attempt to enter or exit the site outside of the operational hours of 7 am to 7 pm Spring / Autumn / Winter, or 7 am to 8pm Summer months. Please be very aware if you are onsite near to lockdown initiation times /  hours, as you will not be able to access / leave the site after lockdown without Management intervention, which will require a visit to the site especially if you are locked in.  If this happens, and a site visit is even possible and made during the site lockdown hours, any client needing support / help will be charged £50 per incident.
  11. Your fob will automatically be disabled at 5pm on the last day of the period paid for.  Access is only permitted by the use of the fob for periods paid for in advance. There are no exceptions to this rule. Do not attempt to come onto the site after your period of storage is expired without being accompanied by the site management.
  12. I confirm i have received a fob for the main gate to the Cramlington storage compound of NECS (GTIS Europe Ltd), and agree and accept the rules of use and procedures and to any changes made in the future to ensure the safe operational aspects of its use and the site security.

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NECS (North East Caravan Storage)
1a Atley Way
North Nelson Park Industrial Estate
NE23 1WP


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