Secure Storage for your motorhome, caravan, camper van, trailer or boat!  NECS offers peace of mind for your storage needs.  Our secure facility in the Nelson Industrial Estate in Cramlington is comprehensively covered by CCTV cameras, has high security fencing and gate locks.  Your property is safe with us!


Secure Storage

Safe & Secure Caravan Storage, Cramlington.  Located in Cramlington’s largest Industrial site, access to our large site is as easy as it gets.  Within a couple of minutes of the A1 and A19 and the A19 to Ashington Spine road, our site has hard standing ground, with 24 hour CCTV security.  From the moment a vehicle drives in our entrance driveway it will be monitored by our recently upgraded, high definition, 24 hour security CCTV system. Our caravan storage yard has just one entry/exit security gate with a very simple rule on arrival: if you’re not a customer you are not getting in!

Secure Caravan Storage

Caravans are excellent, we know that!  Perfect for getting away for a break at a moment’s notice.  But we tend not to use our caravans too often and they can stand in your garage or on your driveway for long periods of time.  That’s where secure storage can be invaluable!  Free up space at your home and know thar your caravan is safe from vandalism and theft.  You might even find that your caravan insurance company looks very favourably on you storing it at a secure site!  You could offset storage rental costs with lower insurance premiums!

Security for Motorhomes & Camper Vans

If you don’t use your motorhome or camper van all the time – and most of us don’t! – long term, secure storage is the right way to keep it safe and sound!  Our secure motorhome storage facility in Cramlington is perfect for keeping your motorhome safe and secure, ready for use any time!  We give you a key to get your motorhome any time and our site is safeguarded by high-security fencing and 24 hour CCTV coverage.

Keeping your Trailer Safe

While excellent for keeping those household or work bits and pieces, trailers can look a little… undesirable, continually parked in your drive or on the street outside your home.  They can also pose a risk for opportunist thieves, thinking something worth stealing might be inside.  Keep your trailer absolutely safe in our high-security trailer storage facility with 24-hour fully monitored by high-definition CCTV cameras.

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    Storage for Smaller Items?  Secure Container Storage

    NECS - North East Container Storage, Cramlington OG03
    NECS – North East Container Storage, Cramlington

    If you’re looking to store smaller items, our ‘sister’ company, North East Container Storage can help!  We can offer a range of containers for storage of household items and commercial stock or materials.  5ft, 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers are available from as little as one week.

    Visit for more information about container self storage!