Motorhome Storage.  Motorhomes and campervans are a fantastic way to explore, but can become a problem during times you aren’t on holiday, blocking your driveway.  Store you campervan or motorhome with NECS (North East Caravan Storage) while you’re not using it!  Safe, secure and always accessible, NECS are your first choice for motorhome storage.

Motorhome Storage, Cramlington - Safe & Secure, Short & Long Term, Caravans, Trailers & Containers -
Motorhome Storage, Cramlington – Safe & Secure, Short & Long Term, Caravans, Trailers & Containers –

Motorhome Storage

We have hard standing allocated storage to fit the size of your Motorhome or camper from your VW weekender right up to your twin axle American beast.  Quite simply, you can be allocated and pay for the storage area that suits your need, thereby saving you money paying for unnecessary space.  Storage space areas are open and clean so when you store your beloved item, you know you can leave it without worry.

While your Motorhome or camper is fantastic for long weekends or an occasional holiday road trip, the chances are that, for most of the time, it just takes up valuable space in your garage or driveway. That could be causing some frustrations at home, but can also put it at risk of damage and wear.

Secure Motorhome and Campervan storage is the only solution for clearing your garage or driveway and keeping your vehicle in top condition. Reclaim your space and give your caravan the protection it deserves with NECS (North East Caravan Storage).

Secure Motorhome & Campervan Storage

Our secure storage centre in Cramlington offers storage for vehicles of all shapes and sizes, so no matter the size of your Motorhome, Campervan, caravan, trailer or boat, we have just the storage space for you!  Whether you’re looking for somewhere safe and secure to keep your caravan for a month or a year (or longer), we can accommodate you with our flexible, short or long-term options.

Our units can be hired for a minimum of one month and we offer flexible, month-to-month storage options, so whether you need to store your caravan for a short or long period, you’ll only pay for what you need.

Secure Motorhome storage offers a number of benefits.  Whether you only use your caravan a few times a year or you simply want to make room in your garage, storing your recreational vehicle can offer many advantages.  The risks of accidental damage, vandalism or theft are greatly reduced, plus you have so much more free space in your garage or on the driveway!

When you need a clean, secure and convenient solution for your storage needs, NECS can deliver! You can trust that your recreational vehicle will be in capable hands until you’re ready to hit the road again.

  • Short- or long-term storage options
  • Flexible arrangements
  • Easy access to your Motorhome, camper or caravan
  • Free, no-obligation quotes.
  • Protect your vehicle with our superior caravan, trailer and Campervan storage

24 Hour CCTV Coverage for Peace of Mind

Our facility in the Nelson Industrial Estate in Cramlington is fully monitored with CCTV cameras for your peace of mind.  We take good care of your property and consider security very seriously.  High security fences and sturdy gates will stop even the most ardent of possible attackers, meaning your Motorhome, Campervan, caravan, trailer, boat or whatever, is safe and secure.

Not just your peace of mind, but your pocket too!  Secure storage can positively affect your insurance costs, too.  Insurers prefer a safer environment and will often lower premiums to take secure storage in to account.  Check with your insurance provider for details, then give us a call!


When you rent storage space from NE Self Storage, you will receive a unique key and fob, allowing you access from 7 am to 7 pm seven days a week, except July, August and September when access is extended from 7am to 8pm, 7 days per week!

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